(Video Courtesy of Gallup YouTube Channel)



I am (Being) ———-> Incredibly aware of the borderless and timeless human family

I will (Doing) ———-> Integrate parts into the whole

I Bring (Contribution) ———-> An appreciation of the mystery and wonder of life and all creation

I need (Requirement) ———-> To be apart of something bigger than myself: a family, a team, an organization, a global community, a cosmos

I love (Value) —————> Circles of life and threads of continuity

I Hate (Value) —————> An “us vs. them” mentality

Metaphor/Image ———-> Person as body, mind, and spirit

Barrier Label ———-> Flaky, new-ager, not in touch with reality



CONNECTEDNESS: Accepts Mystery

ANALYTICAL: Proves Truth


CONNECTEDNESS: Aware of the inherent, invisible unity that already exists.

INCLUDER: Aware of the invisible social exclusion that often exists.


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