“Participating in the 10/10/20 Challenge for the second time was another life changing, life giving experience! I love the accountability, the encouragement and the inspiration that I found in this group. I discovered that my personal walk with the Lord has been strengthened and deepened as a result of the intentional time I spent in prayer, stillness and study of the Bible. I really enjoyed waking up and knowing that the daily challenge would be waiting and would be something different each day to look forward to. Thank you, Jessica, for making this available to us ladies. We need a whole lot more of this in our lives!!!” –Jennifer Henry

“I’m so thankful that I stayed committed and accountable during this 10/10/20 challenge, it’s always been a struggle to get in then Word daily but I did it!

It was a blessing to be among an amazing group of ladies which encouraged and inspired me to keep seeking and praying for more of Him and less of me.

Thank you for leading this fantastic, 10/10/20 challenge! You have made difference in my life and so many others.” –Sarah Christopher

“Ever since I gave my life to the Lord I’ve been on this journey following his lead. I asked Jesus to help me with falling in love with the Word of God more. Just a day or 2 later I came across Jessica Huffman’s post about the 10/10/20 Devo she was doing and if any women would be interested. As I read about it, I just knew it was my answered prayer but had no idea how exactly the Lord had planned to use it in my life at the time. It was way more than just learning to fall in love with the Word but more so bringing out so much healing, breakthrough and freedom in my life. The breakthrough I had been waiting on and praying for actually happened on the date of 10/10/20! I was mind blown at how God used this to bring breakthrough. The first few days I fought so hard and even tried to leave- but for some reason just could not delete myself from the group. I pushed through my uncomfortable emotions and felt led to stop being led by them and to just trust the process, which I did. I eventually realized that satan knew this would be where I’d receive such a big breakthrough in my life which is why he tried so hard to get me out. It also made me realize the power of someone’s YES in obedience to the Lord in the Kingdom. Jess just completely walks in it and I’m so grateful to women like her who say yes to God in order to help bring other women to more freedom in their walk with the Lord. THANK YOU!” -Brittany Val Eady 

“Jessica Huffman is such a dynamic, engaging speaker and we felt very lucky to have her on stage for our inaugural Women with Vision Luncheon. 

Her keynote presentation’s (“3 ways to discover a new YOU in the new YEAR”) material truly resonated with our audience of professional women, many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their own brands and communicating more effectively across the C-suite with CEOs and business peers.  In her very lively, energizing session, Jessica gave them clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions — on how to implement these valuable strategies.” 

I would highly recommend Ms. Huffman as a speaker and presenter.” -Melissa Rowe (Chair- Women with Vision