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I am (Being) ———-> Genuine and authentic

I will (Doing) ———-> Get to know more about the people closest to me

I Bring (Contribution) ———-> Social depth and transparency

I need (Requirement) ———-> Time and opportunities for one-on-one opportunities

I love (Value) —————> Close, caring, mutual relationships

I Hate (Value) —————> The initial social discomfort of meeting someone new

Metaphor/Image ———-> Knowing and being known by friends

Barrier Label ———-> Cliquish cronyism



RELATOR: Socially transparent, I invite my friends in.

INCLUDER: Socially inclusive, I invite outsiders in.


RELATOR: I want to get to know more about the people I already know.

WOO: I want to get to know more people.


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I am (Being) ———-> Calm, even-keeled

I will (Doing) ———-> Seek to eliminate the waste of emotional energy

I Bring (Contribution) ———-> A peace-loving, conflict resistant approach

I need (Requirement) ———-> Areas of agreement, common ground

I love (Value) —————> The sacrifice of personal agenda to facilitate group performance

I Hate (Value) —————> Negative effects of friction

Metaphor/Image ———-> Smooth ruffled feathers

Barrier Label ———-> Afraid of conflict



HARMONY: Let’s do what works best

BELIEF: I want to do what matters most.


HARMONY: Being interdependent, I willingly defer to experts.

SELF-ASSURANCE: Being indépendant, I confidently rely on my own expertise.


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3 Tips for High-Impact and Productive Time Management

There’s something for everyone who desires effective time management. Yet, none of it has worked for me. With endless amounts of apps, blogs, and resources that are INCREDIBLY helpful and challenging, they can often become a hindrance to high impact living. 

Being a creative hustler, I’ve grown weary of books and resources cramming me into their personalized time management programs. It’s amazing information, however, the monotony becomes excruciatingly under-stimulating or the sterile boundaries around time become my failure. 

Maybe you’re like me. Productivity is mandatory but inspiration fuels your energy, focus and impact. This feeling is common for extroverts or even creatives, but I’m quickly realizing that if you lead teams or work with people, three things are absolutely needed or possibly demanded from you: execution (of the tasks), inspiration/motivation (for the vision), and connection (with the people). 

So no long ago I set aside the rules and started a few of my own that have SKY-ROCKETED my impact, motivation, productivity, and connection. 

Below are three ways I’ve organized my months/weeks for high-impact productivity: 

    1. Connection – who do I need to connect with and I make sure I know what type of “connection” it is; project update, vision casting, feedback (positive/negative), or building a relationship. If the individual has reached out to me, I always ask what they are hoping from our time together or what do I need to prepare for our time together. I try to keep all connection times on the same days so I can go into that day with full steam of people, people and more people! 
    1. Inspiration – I need to dream, see the vision, find my inspiration and even motivation behind my work. It’s crucial. Often times it comes being alone and allowing my brain to absorb inspiration from various resources, images, people, sounds, or things. I write, plan, dream, find what I need to store energy and motivation for the vision ahead.. I often spend a portion of a morning/afternoon weekly to fuel my passion for creation and vision! If I can see it, then I can lead others to it. 
    1. Execution – Once I fuel up, I need to hustle, create and make it happen! This means the vision which needs people who are better than me, has to be fulfilled through tasks, projects and ultimatley getting things done. This also refines my ability to problem-solve, become resourceful and steward people/budgets well.

So let’s recap:

Connect (with people) + Inspiration (for the vision) + Execute (the tasks) = HIGH IMPACT. 

This powerful equation has worked miracles for me and praying and hoping it connects those (task/time management) dots for you. Break the rules, find your inspiration, become an incredible hustler and connect with people well! You’ll find a rewarding and IMPACTFUL life ahead of you. What about you? What tips and tricks have made you HIGHLY-IMPACTFUL and productive? Let’s hustle, create and connect together, shall we?

Your Biggest Fan,

Jessica Huffman

Gratitude: The Cure For What Ails You!

Over the last decade, my body has proven to be snitch for all the wonderful things that come along with family, ministry, and age. One tell tell sign is an eye twitch that vibrates under pressure filled moments. Yes, it’s quite obnoxious and yes, I’ve also learned to appreciate the fact that the twitch is telling me to slow down in that moment (insert eye roll because who has time to slow down). Not too long ago, after an intense week of life, I was exhausted and not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. My husband often reminds me that we are in a marathon not a sprint, so doing things with the end in mind will often cause us to slllloooooowww doooowwwwn and take on an eternal perspective. This inward hustle propels me forward into life, creativity and work and frankly any illustration that has to do with long periods of running frustrates me, so many times I thank him for his reminder and carry on with my task list and teams of people. Then again my body is there reminding me that he’s right (yet again!) and that the hustle will always be there. With my husband’s wisdom, I’ve come to yearn for the quiet and slowed down periods because it forces me to reexamine and cross examine all that I have been given and how good my Heavenly Father has been to me. 

Whatever stress has brought me, which usually is never good, is always confronted by gratitude. From there it dies and withers on the vine. Gratitude, when embraced with largeness and aggression will always suppress the things that ail me…ALWAYS! That person who disappointed me? I’m now counting the many ways they’ve blessed me and stretched my faith to rely on God, not man/woman. That situation that overwhelms me? I’m now declaring out loud how grateful I am for God’s truth and promises. That physical challenge or setback? I’m now writing down how many times God has proven His healing faithfulness in my life and others. 

When gratitude abounds, what I have becomes enough and God becomes
the “God of more than enough.”

You see, gratitude is the cure for what ails us, our communities, churches, culture, and global landscape. It keeps us humble, positive, encouraging, lively, engaged, and ultimately unstoppable. Gratitude shifts the landscape of our hearts and minds while the storms of life rage against us. It’s the loud voice in a hopeless and hustling world that is never fully satisfied. It’s the fuel that ignites relationships and builds unity amongst individuals. It keeps marriages intact, churches acknowledging they are on the same team, and life sweet when we’ve been dealt a bitter hand. Gratitude changes everything, but first it softens our hard heart.

PSALM 107:1 – “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”

My friends, what ails you in this holiday season? Acknowledge it, embrace it and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal THE good things that will come about because of it. If there is ONLY one thing you can find, you’ve found the lifeline of gratitude from where hope can breath once again. You are loved by a good good God that will never ever leave or fail you.

With all my heart (and twitching eye),


Double Bouncing Friendships

I grew up on trampolines, Kool-Aid, sprinklers and creating tree forts in the woods. It was a wonderful childhood (not perfect) filled with family and friends. I remember Sundays being my favorite days for my best girls and I to own Sunday school like a boss, run around the church playing make believe and then everyone heading to Ryan Steakhouse for their all you can eat buffet. As little girls, we would compliment our latest colored socks or talk about how we got into trouble for watching the Smurfs. We were a GIRL PACK/TRIBE/GANG/GROUP long before we knew those existed. It was fun, it was exciting and it was organic. Relationships were easy and natural, without pressure of feeling the sting of exclusivity and favoritism. No one talked about who knew who or who hung out with who, or compared relationships with another. We just…well….enjoyed our friendships for what they were. Some of my friends came from wealthy lives that lived in large homes and took exciting vacations. They worked hard for their lifestyle and I respected that. Others grew up with disabled family members who lived with lots of love and joy knowing that each day brought its own adventures. I adored and encouraged them. 

Every season of life has brought a plethora of people with wonderful stories. We played together, got mad at each other, forgave each other and never thought about why we couldn’t be friends with one another. We were just friends…it was simple. 

Then we all grew up, the world grew up and I saw friendships become complicated and overexposed. 

We needed boundaries….

We needed vulnerability….

We needed affirmation and encouragement….

And when we didn’t get it, we dropped one another in search of another friend. 

We became selfish, isolated, cruel, comparison junkies, ambition driven women who were going to be STRONG and independent. 

We read books to discover why we should no longer talk to “so in so” and set what we call “healthy boundaries”. We share a bit of our heart on social media while flashing a bit more skin in hopes we get a few more likes to feel a little bit more empty. We build bigger homes behind bigger gates so we can protect our privacy, and we build bigger green rooms to talk less to the needy/weird/difficult/ people we’ve been called to love. 

Relationships became strategic and friendships became complicated. 

It’s like the adult version of us all jumping on the trampoline, one falls down and we all keep jumping. Admit it; you loved double bouncing people when they fell and struggled when you got double bounced. Trampolines taught me a lot about life and friendships as a child and even more as an adult.

Eventually three things have to happen (on the trampoline):

  1. If you fell, get back up EVEN if no one stops jumping. It might feel impossible, hard and you might feel hurt, but the goal on a trampoline is that you keep jumping! Resilience is key when building friendships and you might have to jump with a few bad batches of people, but don’t let it take the joy away of YOU jumping!
  2. If you’re jumping and someone falls, help them back up! You might have the strength to offer them and the hand they need in an overwhelmingly large “trampoline” life full of navigating friendships.
  3. If you fell or you’re offering a hand up, remember that the GOAL is to continue to jump with others. No one is perfect, we all need grace, a time-out, and an opportunity to begin again. Stop lashing out at those who are not offering a hand up and stop double bouncing people when they are down!

If we’d focus more on the joy of jumping with others, we’d focus less on how another jumps. It’s a tough world and we are all in desperate need of Jesus’ grace and love…..especially in friendships. 

With all my heart,


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Struggle & Strength: Cultivating Intentional Friendships

Super VULNERABLE post: In this season of planting a church and pastoring. My friendships got caught in the current….and maybe my heart did too. Coming from a long line of ministry families, you see, hear, experience and feel the cost of leading at the expense of relationships. I saw people who loved my family, walk away when things got tough, or when we they experienced the “humanity” of their leaders or who decided another church was a better fit for them. None of it was wrong, but neither was it easy. Watching other leaders (who are further ahead in life), I see some who are very quiet about their life outside of the Sunday in attempt to maintain some privacy or perhaps have experienced the sting of “why them and not me” moments with their sphere. Others hide nothing including the raw and real moments of parenting, failures, laughter, marriage, etc. I’ve respected them all and their choice of how they live their life before the Lord and others. In the struggle to use wisdom in all things with relationships (no joke, I ask for it from God everyday!), my prayer has been that I’m always found to BE a good friend before ever saying I HAVE good friends. It’s refreshing others, long before we stop and ask  “Am I being refreshed”! I’ve also realized I haven’t always been found to be a good friend and that our current landscape of women struggle to find their footing with other females. It’s what set my heart and feet on course to launch #GirlGang and the “Love them” portion of our mission statement. How do we love others properly when we don’t feel like we are loved? How do we refresh others when our soul feels dry and empty. Another tough, but good question! 

Because of this honoring and sobering season of ministry, #GirlGang will always be birthed out of the heart conversations I have with God, and truth be told, I’ve talked a lot with Him recently about friendships; mine and others who have lost their footing or who can celebrate them well. From those conversations, our new focus for our Fall season is timely titled, “Struggle & Strength: Cultivating Intentional Friendships”. Why? Because making friends is hard; cultivating them is even harder. How do we live authentically and then manage the hurt when it comes? How do we give generously and yet have healthy expectations in friendships? This season is exciting and scary all at the same time, but we are about to embark down a road that is filled with tears, joy, laughter, love and forgiveness TOGETHER! The road might mean saying “I’m sorry, I need to do better” and also saying, “Let’s start over”. It’s also about accepting love, but also learning how to give love to those with no strings attached.

Lovelies, we can do this, and I’m with you every step of the way. 

With all my heart,


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