(Video Courtesy of Gallup Center YouTube Channel)




I am (Belong) ———-> Verbally Expressive

I will (Doing) ———-> Connect With Others Through Words

I Bring (Contribution) ———-> Attention to MessagesThat Must Be Heard

I need (Requirement) ———-> A Sounding Board, An Audience

I love (Value) —————> Stories And Storytellers

I Hate (Value) —————> Experience Without Expression

Metaphor/Image ———-> Silence Is Not Golden

Barrier Label ———-> Blabbermouth



COMMUNICATION: I think and learn best when I can talk with others.

INTELLECTION: I think and learn best when I can be alone and quiet.


COMMUNICATION: Telling a story that helps others understand my message.

CONTEXT: The re-telling of history helps others remember the past.


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