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THEME INSIGHTS: I am (Being) ———-> Genuine and authentic I will (Doing) ———-> Get to know more about the people closest to me I Bring (Contribution) ———-> Social depth and transparency I need (Requirement) ———-> Time and opportunities for one-on-one opportunities I love (Value) —————> Close, caring, mutual relationships I Hate (Value) —————> The initial […]

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THEME INSIGHTS: I am (Being) ———-> Calm, even-keeled I will (Doing) ———-> Seek to eliminate the waste of emotional energy I Bring (Contribution) ———-> A peace-loving, conflict resistant approach I need (Requirement) ———-> Areas of agreement, common ground I love (Value) —————> The sacrifice of personal agenda to facilitate group performance I Hate (Value) —————> […]

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THEME INSIGHTS: I am (Being) ———-> An emotional person I will (Doing) ———-> Make the visceral explicit I Bring (Contribution) ———-> Emotional intelligence I need (Requirement) ———-> Freedom to laugh, cry, vent I love (Value) —————> The gladness, sadness, madness of humanity I Hate (Value) —————> Those things that block or limit emotional expression Metaphor/Image […]

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