I’ve never been much for ladders.

No, not the ones you used to paint high walls or clean out the gutters; the career ones. The ladder climbers who only see themselves and one thing at the top: opportunity.

I do respect experienced people. They maximize every environment, task, failure and success as a building block to something greater: character.

So which are you? Do you seize an opportunity at everyone’s expense including your own, or do you “lean in” to the season, the moment, the job, the role, the path, the task? YES, even the boss that is right in front of you?

Opportunity says, “I.”

Experience says, “We.”

Opportunity says, “Here I go.”

Experience says, “Here we go.”

Opportunity pushes people aside.

Experience asks others for advice, draws them inward…and listens.

Opportunity declares, “I’ve arrived.”

Experience whispers, “There’s so much more to learn.”

So here’s your tip; in all your doing, building, planning, and creating, remember that when opportunities arrive quickly they can easily be forgotten or turn into experiences that last a lifetime. And each experience teaches us about life, love, people, and mostly about ourselves. So stop looking for opportunities and realize what you’re after is experience. 

It will keep your co-workers inspired.

It will show your boss and team your committed.

Even when that experience is boring, mundane, not what you expected, a “hand me down” or not even your job.

Ask anyone in the industry (whatever that may be) who they think about as inspirational, a mentor, up for a raise, ready for the job, or a trusted worker and leader! It will be the one with experience NOT the one seeking opportunity

Mad Love,