Super VULNERABLE post: In this season of planting a church and pastoring. My friendships got caught in the current….and maybe my heart did too. Coming from a long line of ministry families, you see, hear, experience and feel the cost of leading at the expense of relationships. I saw people who loved my family, walk away when things got tough, or when we they experienced the “humanity” of their leaders or who decided another church was a better fit for them. None of it was wrong, but neither was it easy. Watching other leaders (who are further ahead in life), I see some who are very quiet about their life outside of the Sunday in attempt to maintain some privacy or perhaps have experienced the sting of “why them and not me” moments with their sphere. Others hide nothing including the raw and real moments of parenting, failures, laughter, marriage, etc. I’ve respected them all and their choice of how they live their life before the Lord and others. In the struggle to use wisdom in all things with relationships (no joke, I ask for it from God everyday!), my prayer has been that I’m always found to BE a good friend before ever saying I HAVE good friends. It’s refreshing others, long before we stop and ask  “Am I being refreshed”! I’ve also realized I haven’t always been found to be a good friend and that our current landscape of women struggle to find their footing with other females. It’s what set my heart and feet on course to launch #GirlGang and the “Love them” portion of our mission statement. How do we love others properly when we don’t feel like we are loved? How do we refresh others when our soul feels dry and empty. Another tough, but good question! 

Because of this honoring and sobering season of ministry, #GirlGang will always be birthed out of the heart conversations I have with God, and truth be told, I’ve talked a lot with Him recently about friendships; mine and others who have lost their footing or who can celebrate them well. From those conversations, our new focus for our Fall season is timely titled, “Struggle & Strength: Cultivating Intentional Friendships”. Why? Because making friends is hard; cultivating them is even harder. How do we live authentically and then manage the hurt when it comes? How do we give generously and yet have healthy expectations in friendships? This season is exciting and scary all at the same time, but we are about to embark down a road that is filled with tears, joy, laughter, love and forgiveness TOGETHER! The road might mean saying “I’m sorry, I need to do better” and also saying, “Let’s start over”. It’s also about accepting love, but also learning how to give love to those with no strings attached.

Lovelies, we can do this, and I’m with you every step of the way. 

With all my heart,


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