Summer 2018 has begun in the Huffman household!

With Jason and I leading full ministry lives, it’s important to us that our babes are intentional with their Summer rhythm. We are fully embracing that each day will look slightly different, however, starting with BIG goals gives their minds something to focus on and their hearts growing. 

A few goals are weekly and become “their pick” regarding dinner ideas, activity of their choice, and a friend day! As they grow older, I’m realizing the importance of them owning and taking responsibility for their growth and activities; it’s never easy but it’s going to be worth it.


Health – 30 Min of Physical Activity
Spiritual – 15 Min of Bible Reading & Make a Prayer List
Mental – 30 Min of Reading
Mental – One Writing Activity
Emotional/Relational – Friend Day (Once A Week)
Emotional/Relational – Family Activity (Once A Week)
Emotional/Relational – One Activity of Your Choice (Once A Week 3 hours)
Chore – Mom Picks (Daily)
Chore – Keep Room Clean (Daily)
Hygiene – Teeth/Face/Shower (Daily)
Chores – House Cleaning (Once A Week)
Business – 1 hour daily
Good Attitude
Lots of Laughing


All goals are listed in an Excel spreadsheet with a check box next to them. I’ve printed one week (6 days worth) and leave Sunday as our church/Sabbath day. As a wise person once said, “The days are long, but the years are short”, so Summer 2018 will be one for the books!

What about you? What’s your plans, goals, intentional actives for Summer 2018? Care to share some other ideas with me? 

With all my heart,