3 Ways to Make Giving Core To Your Brand

How do you start the famed Elevator Speech for your business?

“I help…” right?

I help entrepreneurs build their businesses.
I help moms build schedules for their home.
I help dads meal plan.

I think often we spend so much time figuring out the last half of those sentences, we forget the heart behind them. The key to these things is that we’re here to help.

Generosity in your branding should be one of the core pillars to your business. What do I mean by generosity? I really mean listening and acting on what you hear within your tribe of people.

If you’re deepIy connected with your people, then you can really hone in on and define what you’re offering them to ensure that you’re providing the things they need – free or paid.

You see, listening and acting on what you hear is the best way to be generous to your people, because suddenly you know the best way to help them.

Here are 3 ways to listen to your people and be truly generous in your branding.

LEAN IN Don’t just listen, lean in. Really try to get to the root of your people’s needs and desires. And not just their tangible needs, but the ways in which they need encouragement. Look passed what content they need to the heart of what they’re aching for. This is key to building a space where you can be extremely generous.

TAKE ACTION Once you know what they need, create it! Build resources and prompts and challenges and other ways to help them through their problems while assuring them that you’re cheering for them along the way. This not only shows your generosity, but builds trust between you and your potential clients and customers.

BUILD A LIST OF SOURCES If you find you’re unable to give to your people the resources or services they need, then having a list of references is a great solution. When you have direct recommendations for people, and you’re unable to help them, recommending out other people goes a long way in building trust and showing that you actually care about them getting their needs met. I keep a running list of connections I know who work in specific areas where I specifically don’t, so I recommend them out as I see needs arise that I can’t meet.

A final note: always be on the look for ways that you can give back without decreasing value for your people. This doesn’t mean simply giving away a bunch of stuff for free and devaluing what you have to offer. It means adding value on top of value and listening and honing in on the needs of your tribe in creative and generous ways.



Lilah Higgins is a Brand Designer & Biz Mentor to Artsy Makers living at the foot of Yellowstone National Park. When she’s not chasing around her toddlers or working alongside her techie husband, she is helping talented Makers by providing them with logos, branding, and design consultation. She drinks her coffee iced and enjoys opening her home to people and telling the stories of Makers & Creatives. She’s also the founder of the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram. You can find her at http://www.thehigginscreative.com