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I am (Being) ———-> Genuine and authentic

I will (Doing) ———-> Get to know more about the people closest to me

I Bring (Contribution) ———-> Social depth and transparency

I need (Requirement) ———-> Time and opportunities for one-on-one opportunities

I love (Value) —————> Close, caring, mutual relationships

I Hate (Value) —————> The initial social discomfort of meeting someone new

Metaphor/Image ———-> Knowing and being known by friends

Barrier Label ———-> Cliquish cronyism



RELATOR: Socially transparent, I invite my friends in.

INCLUDER: Socially inclusive, I invite outsiders in.


RELATOR: I want to get to know more about the people I already know.

WOO: I want to get to know more people.


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I am (Being) ———-> Calm, even-keeled

I will (Doing) ———-> Seek to eliminate the waste of emotional energy

I Bring (Contribution) ———-> A peace-loving, conflict resistant approach

I need (Requirement) ———-> Areas of agreement, common ground

I love (Value) —————> The sacrifice of personal agenda to facilitate group performance

I Hate (Value) —————> Negative effects of friction

Metaphor/Image ———-> Smooth ruffled feathers

Barrier Label ———-> Afraid of conflict



HARMONY: Let’s do what works best

BELIEF: I want to do what matters most.


HARMONY: Being interdependent, I willingly defer to experts.

SELF-ASSURANCE: Being indépendant, I confidently rely on my own expertise.


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3 Tips for High-Impact and Productive Time Management

There’s something for everyone who desires effective time management. Yet, none of it has worked for me. With endless amounts of apps, blogs, and resources that are INCREDIBLY helpful and challenging, they can often become a hindrance to high impact living. 

Being a creative hustler, I’ve grown weary of books and resources cramming me into their personalized time management programs. It’s amazing information, however, the monotony becomes excruciatingly under-stimulating or the sterile boundaries around time become my failure. 

Maybe you’re like me. Productivity is mandatory but inspiration fuels your energy, focus and impact. This feeling is common for extroverts or even creatives, but I’m quickly realizing that if you lead teams or work with people, three things are absolutely needed or possibly demanded from you: execution (of the tasks), inspiration/motivation (for the vision), and connection (with the people). 

So no long ago I set aside the rules and started a few of my own that have SKY-ROCKETED my impact, motivation, productivity, and connection. 

Below are three ways I’ve organized my months/weeks for high-impact productivity: 

    1. Connection – who do I need to connect with and I make sure I know what type of “connection” it is; project update, vision casting, feedback (positive/negative), or building a relationship. If the individual has reached out to me, I always ask what they are hoping from our time together or what do I need to prepare for our time together. I try to keep all connection times on the same days so I can go into that day with full steam of people, people and more people! 
    1. Inspiration – I need to dream, see the vision, find my inspiration and even motivation behind my work. It’s crucial. Often times it comes being alone and allowing my brain to absorb inspiration from various resources, images, people, sounds, or things. I write, plan, dream, find what I need to store energy and motivation for the vision ahead.. I often spend a portion of a morning/afternoon weekly to fuel my passion for creation and vision! If I can see it, then I can lead others to it. 
    1. Execution – Once I fuel up, I need to hustle, create and make it happen! This means the vision which needs people who are better than me, has to be fulfilled through tasks, projects and ultimatley getting things done. This also refines my ability to problem-solve, become resourceful and steward people/budgets well.

So let’s recap:

Connect (with people) + Inspiration (for the vision) + Execute (the tasks) = HIGH IMPACT. 

This powerful equation has worked miracles for me and praying and hoping it connects those (task/time management) dots for you. Break the rules, find your inspiration, become an incredible hustler and connect with people well! You’ll find a rewarding and IMPACTFUL life ahead of you. What about you? What tips and tricks have made you HIGHLY-IMPACTFUL and productive? Let’s hustle, create and connect together, shall we?

Your Biggest Fan,

Jessica Huffman

The Sweetest Blessing of Serving!

This past Sunday, I preached on my most favorite subject: serving! (You can watch it HERE!) With so many perspectives and angles to communicate this life-altering way of living, I landed on our greatest example of Jesus Christ Himself.

He became our WHY, our mission.

He showed us the HOW, our strategy.

And that left the WHO, our people.

In that time, there was no social media platform or networking events to find your “who” or tribe of people who are on the receiving end of serving. Jesus took lots of walks, invited 12 unique and imperfect men, and they said yes to following Jesus with their whole life.

He didn’t stop there. He cultivated a relationship of mentorship and fellowship that was centered around God’s will for His life and their lives. Jesus knew serving was an adventure best accomplished in the midst of a variety of personalities and temperaments, while constantly reminding them of a God’s incredible plan for their lives.

In the messy moments, He served them.

In the betrayal moments, He served them.

In the miraculous moments, He served them.

His serving had no boundaries and knew no limits. Why? Because it was His constant act of love for His Father poured out onto His Disciples. Love has a name: It’s Jesus. Love also has a way: It’s serving. When people often struggle with the act of serving, it’s because they wrestle with Jesus’ final act of love accomplished on the cross. If He became our “WHY”, then the world becomes our “WHO”!

John 13:18 – “…I know so well each one of you I chose.”

Jesus said these words to His Disciples immediately following His act of washing their feet (illustrative for serving). They were His WHO; the people He knew so well and that He chose.

Isn’t it powerful to know that even in His commands, Jesus still gives us the power to choose Him, choose serving, and choose those you serve?

Who are you serving? Have you chosen your people yet, your tribe, your gang, your group, your team, your community, your church, your home and your spiritual family?

Most Christians who choose Jesus and a personal relationship with Him, will often choose to sacrifice time, talent, treasure to serve the vision or mission of the organization. The one part they often forget is the sweetest blessing of the serving; they become your people. Yes, you will stand at a door and greet people. Yes, you will even open your home to host a group. But when life gets demanding, or the world gets discouraging, we often forget the power of our choice to serve others will ultimately become our BIGGEST blessing in the form of our community.

Jesus knew His call of serving and obeyed…and so the Father blessed him with 12 men who loved him well and followed Him beyond His death on the cross.

You’ve discovered your WHO: Jesus
You’ve said yes to the HOW: serving
Now it’s time to embrace your WHO: your community.

Welcome Home,

Jessica Huffman
Pastor, servant, friend

Life With Fear

Lately I’ve wrestled with the word “fearless”. It doesn’t settle well in my life anymore…actually it has no place at all. I’ve learned to lean into fear: I embrace it, own it, recognize it, and deal with it.

Think about it – is one ever fearless?

Do we ever calm the beating heart when we put ourselves out there in front of people or when we bet back in the gym one more time because we fell off the wagon for the 20 millionth time.Will we ever feel fearless when we choose to stay instead of run and face our terrible mistakes….

When we send out our 25th resume already assuming we will get on more rejection….

When we say “I’m sorry” to the one we’ve hurt but loved the most…..

When we choose to be authentic in a culture that demands sameness..…

When we say no to living a life of mediocrity when others tell us we are pretty normal…

When we realize we’re in debt up to our eyeballs and we have to ask for help….

When believing in the promises of God become impossible….

When people respect us and we fail terribly…and lose terribly…..

No, fearlessness doesn’t exist, but courage sure does.


Courage is the gentle whisper that carries the strength to silence loud and insecure fears.

It doesn’t’ ever need to be explained, defended, or justified – courage just stays the course and begins again and again and gain.

Courage grabs the paws of a lion and holds on tight until the battle is won.

Courage chooses kindess over rightness.

Courage gives us the strength to backdown from an accuser because it knows words won’t pacify – only actions.

Courage won’t fight battles that that are built on “proving and striving”.

Courage knows that personal responsibility and growth are the keys to rising above.

Courage says, “one more time.”

Courage says “yes” even when you want’ to say “no.”

Courage pushes you one more mile.

Courage knows it has a purpose in the middle of pain.

Courage believes the storm’s rain is there to grow us, not to destroy us.

Courage says, “I’m worth it” so “I won’t do it,”

If we ever want to experience great courage, we must first get good at feeling fear.

With all my heart,