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(Video Courtesy of Gallup Strengths Center) THEME INSIGHTS: I am (Being) ———-> Direct and decisive I will (Doing) ———-> Push back when pushed I Bring (Contribution) ———-> Emotional clarity I need (Requirement) ———-> Challenges and conflicts I love (Value) —————> Exerting control in situations that seem out of control I Hate (Value) —————> Passivity and […]

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(Video Courtesy of THEME INSIGHTS: I am (Being) ———-> A vigilant observer of potential risk I will (Doing) ———-> Anticipate things that could go wrong I Bring (Contribution) ———-> A thorough and conscientious approach I need (Requirement) ———-> Time to listen and think before being expected to speak I love (Value) —————> Restraint and […]

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