Do you ever wonder why you make certain choices? Why you do what you do? Why you like certain things? Why you are better at some things than others?

There’s a reason. It’s your talents.

A decade ago, Gallup unveiled the results of a landmark 30 year research project that ignited a global conversation on the topic of strengths. More than 8 million people have since taken Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment.


Why It’s For You:

 Strengths-based development is unique in that it builds on one’s areas of greatest potential rather seeking to shore up weaknesses. There’s nothing wrong with being aware of your weaknesses and managing them, but YOUR greatest opportunity for success lies in building on your natural talents – not in fixing your weaknesses. The Strengths based approach us unique and powerful. A person’s most direct path to individual growth and improvement begins with a primary investment in his or her greatest talents.


Four Points For Better Understanding: 

  1. The study of strengths created a new theory on what people are like and how they develop.
  2. Maximum productivity can be gained by focusing on strengths and managing weaknesses.
  3. Our greatest talents – the ways in which we most naturally think, feel, and behave – represent our innate power and potential. When we tap into this source of wisdom and power, we gain the ability to transform every moment, every interaction, and every day.
  4. The Clifton StrengthsFinder is a tool that can help us gain awareness of our greatest talents and begin the turning them into strengths.

How It’s Done:

Individual Coaching:

Individual unique assessment interpretation, understanding, and application.

Using your unique Top Five strengths for development within the following 3 equations:

  1. Strengths + Work = Competency
  2. Strengths + Community = Cultivation
  3. Strengths + Home = Connection


Team Coaching:

Team assessment interpretation, understanding, and application using the following categories every team needs to be highly productive and impactful:

  1. Executing Strengths (People with dominant Executing themes know how to make things happen.)
  2. Relationship Building Strengths (People with dominant Relationship Building themes have the ability to build strong relationships that can hold a team together, and make the team greater than sum of it’s part.)
  3. Strategic Strengths (People with dominant Strategic Thinking themes help teams consider what could be. They absorb and analyze information that can inform better decisions.)
  4. Influencing Strengths (People with dominant Influencing themes know how to take charge, speak up, and make sure team is heard.)

Consultation with Team Leaders on how to maximize and strategically develop and place each team member for highest impact and productivity:

  1. Role and responsibility review
  2. Development plan for each team member for increased productivity
  3. Review of current interview process to hire more strategically and effectively


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