4 Ways To Support Your Man’s Dreams!

Dreams, what are they and do we actually fulfill them? Webster’s defines it as “a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.” Our current culture tells us to invest in them, fulfill them at all costs, and don’t let anyone destroy them – all wonderful messages that can often lead to a lonely one-man dream journey. Often the epitome of success and fulfillment comes when we help other’s achieve their dreams.

I’m writing this with major fails under my belt. Mainly with my main man, my lover, my boo thang, known to you as my husband. As His wife, the first order of business is to support him and I have fumbled through it to truly learn what He needs from me. It’s never demanded or even expected, but it’s given because I love him. If we’re in this for the long haul, then learning now to invest in who he is and what he desires, loves, cares about, will reap dividends here on earth, in our legacy as well as echoed in eternity. Here’s 4 ways I am learning how to support my husband’s dreams and desires.

1. Ask and listen.

“Honey, let’s get a babysitter, schedule a romantic dinner out and am going to tell you every desire and dream I have in life down to the minute detail and tell you what you should and should never do to help achieve them.”

This will NEVER ever be a statement you will hear from your husband. He probably won’t articulate his dream or share with you ways to support him or even how certain actions hurt him; you will brought in on journey of discovery, joy, and pain. That in itself is a privilege your husband has given to you alone that is never to be taken for granted. To truly discover what he dreams or desires takes you asking questions, often over and over again, and at times learning to ask the RIGHT questions. You can not stop there, as this is only the first step to an awesome discovery, for you must listen and listen well. Let him vent, cry if needed, share frustrations (as dreams are often discovered in areas which we are most burdened with), describe joy and excitement. Take it all in, write it down, and begin to ask and listen more. Within the moments that your ears are bigger than your mouth, you will unfold your husband’s dreams. They won’t sound logical, obtainable, or even lucrative, but they will be HIS and apart of who God created him to be – respect that.

2. Schedule Support.

Mere cheerleading phrases alone will never cultivate his dreams and desires. They must become tangible and realistic. Someone once said that “goals are dreams with deadlines” and that means they have to become small parts of your life. If he’s always wanted to become a golfing pro, schedule bi-weekly lessons as a birthday or Christmas surprise. If he’s wanted to run a marathon, wake up early together and start the running together. If it’s writing a book, schedule time where you take the kids and leave him home in a quiet house to write. He will probably never ask these things from you as most dreams stay within our hearts or in our words, but never get layers deep in our life. This takes time and intentionality.

3. Let Him Fail.

Let him fail, PERIOD! Let him change his mind, crash and burn, decide differently, take another route, stop, start again and again and again. Dreams are messy and if you ASKED for anything along your journey it’s people to support you in messy moments, so assume that is what he will need from you. If you are logical, methodical, organized, productive, result-driven and focused, chances are your husband’s journey won’t be. This is the part where you breath, allow him to process, support him, and then begin again. Don’t forget that his failure or messiness has NOTHING to do with you. It’s never personal but it needs to stay private, so protect his struggle with your encouragement, unwavering support and incredible belief. With you in his corner, he’s a guaranteed success!

4. He’s a man, FIRST!

One of the reasons I fell in love with Jason is because I knew that no matter what career or job he was in, he would work HARD and love his family. We’ve had seasons and those two things have always remained constant. I didn’t marry him for his work or money (cause we didn’t have any), or his achievements, I married him because he was the right man for me. When I’ve made a mess of things in our marriage, it was because I expected him to be more of man and took for granted that he was enough of the man that God had created and all that I needed. Women, don’t marry a man because of his gifting, talent, or even his current role; marry him because he is the right MAN for you. His gifting could be jeopardized by character, He could quit his talent during a season of depression, or get fired from his role. Those things will come and go, but what will remain is the resemblance of the shell of a man you married containing the substance of everything God created. With every new season of life, his dreams will adjust, but the man will remain. Support him as a man FIRST, then embrace and adjust to the many seasons you will walk through together.

With all my heart,
PS – Go love your man well today! 

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Top Five: 5 Ways To Make “Healthy” Part of Your (Mom) Hustle!

Being a mom is tough, tiring and can be downright hard at times, although there are so many wonderful moments, mom life is not always easy. As a mom, our needs tend to be the last on the to do lists for the day. Being stressed, overwhelmed and tired we assume is just part of being a mother. I thought that too, until I started incorporating some healthier habits into my routine.

If you’re a busy mom who craves more energy, a little less stress, wants to get a little healthier and maybe add a few minutes of ME time in your day, check out my Healthy Habits below. Slowly adding these into your day will make eating healthy, losing weight or becoming fit so much easier. Choose just one a day, each week, or even each month, whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Once these become part of your routine, you will begin to see some amazing differences in your life, both inside and out! Just write these down as reminders, post them in your planner, your organizer, anywhere you know you will see them each day.

Healthy Habit #1
Chug, Chug, Chug:
This is the #1 tip I give the woman I work with. Water is a must for weight loss, glowing skin, increased energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure, better digestion, dehydration and less stress. Drink more water! A rule I try to start with is to aim for at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. So, if you weigh 100 lbs, shoot for 50 ounces of water. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go!

Healthy Habit #2
Ditch the D Word:
Since time is precious to busy moms, let’s not waste it on that darn D word! Yes, those crazy plans that only leave us eating more, feeling worse and actually, gaining weight instead of losing, DIETS. Ditch those crazy quick fixes and just eat real food. Choose fresh foods and steer clear of processed prepackaged food. Begin following a healthy eating plan that fits with YOUR needs and your lifestyle. Choose something you know will work with your daily routine, food preferences and fitness goals. There are so many hard choices we need to make each day, eating healthy doesn’t have to be one of them.

Healthy Habit #3
Mini Meal Prep:
Notice I said mini meal prep! You don’t need to take hours and hours (that you don’t have) to plan healthy meals. Taking 10 minutes each night to write out your meals for the next day, cut up and bag a few fresh veggies, making your lunch or checking out some Pinterest crockpot meals. Just a few minutes each day can save you time, energy and stress of worrying about what to eat during the week.

Healthy Habit #4
Move Your Body:
Did you know that exercise can be more beneficial than a nap? It increases your energy, lifts your mood and keeps your mind and body fit! Start with just 15 minutes a few times a week. Maybe a quick class on your lunch break, a walk with your favorite little one or choose your favorite at home workouts in the evening. Starting small not only makes it more enjoyable but will help you stick with it over time.

Healthy Habit #5
More Mom-ME time:
Taking care of you, IS taking care of your kids. Making ME time a part of your daily routine can make you a better mom, wife, friend, daughter and an EVEN more amazing YOU. 
Take just a few minutes each day to do something YOU love. Sit and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, take a warm bath, drink a glass of wine, watch your favorite show, read a few pages of a book you have been dying to read, make a phone call to your BFF who makes you laugh out loud. It’s not about having time, it’s about making the time for what matters most, you.

To learn more about living life healthy check out my website at or connect with me at I would love to hear from you!


My name is Jessica Miller. I am a mom, wife, professor, and business owner who has a true passion for fitness and nutrition and feeling the best you can! Well & Inspired was created out of my desire to reach a greater audience and bring to you the enthusiasm and motivation for healthy living that I have personally and professionally been sharing for over 10 years. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, as well as my Masters degree in Health Promotion and Health Behavior. Having the experience of being involved with wellness centers, fitness facilities and hospitals, I have spent years counseling women with a variety of eating behavior issues and creating healthy lifestyle programs for weight management clinics. As a solo venture, I’ve also owned and managed a fitness facility where I designed fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs for numerous clients. Currently, I am a part-time college professor teaching online classes in health, nutrition, and behavior change. Between my educational background and professional ventures, I have had the opportunity to work with people of all ages and levels of health. Well & Inspired allows me to share my expertise, excitement, and energy for living a healthy life with all of you!

4 Books For The New Year!

I’m surfing the internet and the New Year chatter has begun.

And in 3 months, we wonder what happened to that euphoric feeling that a 24 hour time change brings.

For me, 2017 is about simplifying my goals into key “buckets” of my life. It’s taken some time to narrow them down, in fact the 10th goal is still not 100% articulated. After a short 35 trips around the sun, a few things have resonated with me throughout the new year’s appeal; the people in my world and the things that I do. Every goal always comes back to those two main areas and as I’ve (questionably) matured, the impact and influence of those people and actions carry more meaning and weight; both good and bad.

In order to maximize those goals, I’ve had to acknowledge two things:

  1. I don’t know everything.
  2. Keep learning.

My father always taught me to position myself as a student of people I would most like to become. He never said I had to be in a relationship with them. Took me a minute to catch on until he modeled it for me. He loved to READ! My father read books, newspapers, and saved clippings in a folder by subject so when those moments in life called for some wisdom from his mentors, he pulled them from his folders.

I remember his words clearly, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers!”

And so I read because I knew God had called me to live life differently than most.

And I positioned these “guru’s” as mentors in my life through their words, books, blogs, podcasts, and articles.

Every time I finished a book, I would go back to my two core statements: I don’t know everything and keep learning/growing and I would read some more.

So grab a cup of coffee because, I’m sharing the 4 books that I am reading in 2017 so I can….

Keep growing, why?

Because I don’t know everything.


  1. Life Application Study Bible – The New Living Translation

Want a book that will racially change your life? Read the Bible. Even if you don’t understand it, your life, from the inside out, will change dramatically. If you can’t afford to buy one, then download the for GREAT devotionals and Bible translations for FREE. Commit to reading 10 minutes a day and watch your life take an adventure!


(Picture courtesy of


2. Fire Your Boss”, by Stephen M. Pollan & Mark Levine

I love the title because it captures your attention and then the book throws you a twist. If you have a boss or work with people over you who “call the shots” in some way of your career and job, then this book is for you!


(Picture courtesy of

3. “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived”, by Steven K. Scott

Life and goal planning can be a bit tedious for me with it’s whimsical claims and less practical approaches. Add on the fact that most goals leave ZERO room for your faith and wisdom and I’m checked out. This books does both because it breaks down the wisdom of the richest man who ever lived and how he achieved it.


(Picture courtesy of

4. “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, by John Maxwell

Hands-down the BEST book on if you are leading people in any capacity! It’s practical, applicable, and super challenging. Be prepared for your leadership paradigm to shift or possibly be destroyed. PS – This is a yearly book read!


(Picture courtesy of

What about you? How will you position yourself as a student of learning for 2017 or what books will you read? I’m always looking for new books to read that others have been challenged or changed by, so sound off on the comments below.

Top Five: 5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season By Farah El-Hadidy

The holiday season is finally here…. I find the time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day to be the hardest month to stick to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Truthfully, it all begins with Halloween and all the leftover candy. There is constant temptation from desserts, sweet treats, unhealthy fats, and just way too much food in general.
Today I want to share 5 tips that have helped me stay on track year after year. So when it’s time to welcome 2017, you will have maintained your weight, or you might have even shed some!

1. Stay hydrated. When you go to a party, and there will be many, be sure you alternate high calorie drinks like alcohol, eggnog, cocktails or hot chocolate, with water, infused water or sparkling water. These holiday drinks can have a lot of hidden calories and sugar, so watch out! Enjoy a few and be sure to balance it out with water. This will also alleviate hangover symptoms, you will be grateful the next morning!

2. Eat several small meals. During the holiday season we tend to skip meals and indulge in one big holiday meal at a party or family dinner. This year let’s do things a little differently… instead of starving yourself all day, eat some healthy snacks throughout the day, and most importantly be sure to have a healthy balanced breakfast. This will help you stay on track and not overeat. These changes although small, will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you energized… no need to spend the entire day being HAngry from not eating for hours, or be the first to pass out from overeating!

3. Indulge mindfully. Enjoying food and sweet treats is very much part of enjoying the holidays. Instead of looking at it as an all or nothing, we want to shift from this extreme mentality that leaves us feeling emotionally deprived and ready to go overeat until January. Instead, let’s practice mindful indulgence, so when you decide to eat a treat: taste it, savor it, chew slowly and have one portion. Learning to indulge mindfully is a powerful practice that will ensure satisfaction and long term success

4. Stay active. This season is busy, busy, busy with lots of gift shopping and grocery shopping on the list… so why not use the busy shopping season and burn off some calories? If you are heading to the mall to buy some Christmas gifts or to the grocery store, park a little further, or take your time and do some window shopping. Instead of driving to mail your gifts, walk to the post office. Remember, Every step counts. Personally, I love using a pedometer on my smart phone to see how much progress I’ve made… it all adds up, plus it motivates me to log in more steps!

5. Schedule time to relax. We spend so much of our time taking care of our loved ones that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Although the holidays are nourishing in their own way, they can be overwhelming and stressful. Many of us, me included, tend to indulge in food when we are stressed. So this year, schedule some time just for YOU. Take a relaxing bath, meditate, read your favorite book, get your nails done, or simply go for a walk. Do whatever helps you calm down and de-stress. Make this a priority, you are worth it!

Above all, enjoy the holidays and remember they are not only about food, but most importantly they are about spending quality time with family and friends. This can be nourishing in itself. Have fun and enjoy that occasional sweet treat.

For years I lost myself in the holidays and somehow arrived in January bloated, unhappy and feeling so off track…do you feel that way too? Let’s do things a little different this year and welcome 2017 feeling GREAT, while not skipping that slice of pumpkin pie. Sustainable health is not about restriction; it’s about balance. With implementing a few tips and tricks for this holiday season, you’ll enjoy yourself while feeling great.

I know how hard it can be, that is why I put together a Holiday Survival Guide so I can share my best tips for managing stress, enjoying your favorite holiday treats without overindulging, and learning how to stay in touch with your body during this often hectic time. You’ll also find my 4-Day Post-Holiday Healthy Reset Plan with recipes, shopping list and suggested meals. Get your copy here >>> Holiday Survival Guide

Happy Holidays!



I’m Farah El-Hadidy. I specialize in helping busy women and men put health back on top of the priority list through practical tips and strategies that deliver REAL results.

I received my Health Coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, NY in 2012. I practice in Boston, MA where I support clients both locally and globally via phone or internet. I also offer workshops and corporate workshops.

My background of 10 years in the corporate world, government contracting industry, and now as a busy mom to a busy two year old, and Health Coach running my own private practice… I know first-hand the pressures and challenges of busy, stressed out women and men who are juggling a number of things at the same time.

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5 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays For Free (Or Cheap)!

edit-43“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” That memorable classic serenades you in stores, shopping malls, and on the radio as the details of your to-do list pile up in your head. If you’re a mom, the tantalizing thoughts of parties, delicious food, and family tradition can easily be overshadowed by what it takes to obtain those “Instagram” worthy moments. In the motherhood hustle, it’s all too easy to forget to stop, breath, and be present. If you haven’t given yourself permission yet, consider this blog your first form of encouragement to “lower the bar” on experiencing the holiday season with your loved ones. Say no to the next kids’ holiday party (you’ve attended 25 already), hit “decline” on that Ugly Sweater Facebook invite your cousin throws (it has terrible food anyway), and throw off the constraints of “have-to” demands in favor of the “get-to” moments you can savor with your family during Christmas. Most of the best ones are usually free too!

edit-15Now look, if you are wanting perfection this holiday season then keep looking for some other airbrushed and poised mom and her kids, because this girl ain’t that! I’m real, honest, and on a mission to live my best life now; even embracing the terrible (my word of the year!) moments along the way. If you are like me (I’m not so secretly hoping you are… flawlessly popping another M&M in our mouths while we compare ourselves to strangers on the internet) then this season is about memories and experiences that will create fond memories of our family for years. Instead of chaos, opt for creativity; instead of maxing out credit cards, aim for simplicity and engagement. You might just find that it is TRULY the most wonderful time of the year! Below are my Five Ways to Celebrate The Holidays for Free (or almost free)!



1. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Do you like riddles? Then you can create your own “Christmas Scavenger Hunt.” If not, you can find a variety of great riddles very easily on Pinterest. What to do: Start the evening with dinner. After dinner organize the group into pairs (try and pair a child with an adult). Give each pair the list of riddles that, when solved, identify an item for them to take a picture or video of. Load everyone up in the cars and take them to an outdoor/indoor mall, local hotspot, or even a large department store that has a variety of Christmas themed items and people (Santa, Elves, Live Nativity Scene, etc.). Whoever finishes the list first must rush to get it back to a pre-determined spot and can be declared the winner, with total bragging rights (you guessed it…I am a terrible loser!) After everyone returns, celebrate with either hot chocolate or a dessert! This game is perfect for team work, cultivating healthy competition, and can be educational depending on what you learn from each riddle and clue.



2. Christmas Home Spa

At the end of the day, make a mock schedule for the “(FAMILY NAME) SPA.” Set aside 30 minute increments for each child. Let them know that they have 5 minutes to prep for the spa in one of your bathrooms that has a bathtub. Run some water, grab bubbles, bath bombs, oils or any special bath toys (depending on age). Lower the lights, and then have each child request their favorite holiday movie on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Set up a laptop or iPad on an end table close to the tub but far enough away that it can’t be harmed by playful splashes. When your child arrives for their spa time, hand them a cup of hot chocolate, ask them to get in the spa and then press play on their holiday movie. Of course safety is key so, as the parent, determine the level of safety each child needs in a bath full of water. If you need to stay close, this might be the perfect opportunity to sit nearby on the floor, fold laundry, and watch your child become a diva in training.


3. Christmas “Tour De Subdivision”


Often times, the most wonderful memories are the traditional ones that have a unique spin. When I was a child we would go look at lights in the surrounding neighborhoods. As I grew older, the family ventured out into other towns. Today, my family carries on this tradition with some added elements. The trick to this is introducing an element of surprise. For example, on an evening when your kids least expect it, have them prepare for bed in their warm pajamas. Just before bed announce that, instead of the same old routine, the family is going to have a Christmas surprise! Pile everyone up in the car with plenty of blankets, roll down the windows, and make your first stop any place that serves ice cream. Crank the holiday music as the kids enjoy their late night treat and slowly drive through your local subdivisions ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing at the lights. Make sure you turn off your headlights (if you can) for an even more dramatic impact. Don’t forget that this can be either long or short depending on the ages of your kid’s. As you gaze at the lights ask your kids questions. For example:

  1. Which type of lights do you love the most – icicle, colored, white, blinking, etc.
  2. Which one was your favorite home (of lights) and why?


4. 12 Days of Christmas – Book Edition

edit-18Create a simple calendar system for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Let the kids know you will be reading a holiday book of their choice each night together prior to bed (or when it works best for the family). Visit your local library and have each child pick out the books that are geared towards the Christmas season. On your return home, place each child’s name and book in the schedule day. Once you have your pre-determined time each day, let each child know it’s his/her day to pick their books and favorite spot to read. Make sure that the family knows this is done together each day so there’s no options or excuses not to sit and enjoy the book of choice.


5. Hot Chocolate Tasting

edit-42This might not be free, but it is still cost effective and super engaging. It can be a good choice for a large family or even a friends/family outing. Set aside at least a three hour window of time on a predetermined a day. Select a driving route that takes you to at least three places that sell hot chocolate. Create a “Hot Chocolate” evaluation form where the name, location, and type of hot chocolate can we written down. Include a list of numbers to rate taste, creaminess, whip cream, etc. At each stop, ask for the small or kids size hot chocolate and then remind everyone to sip slowly (almost like wine, but that would be encouraging drinking and that’s not what this blog is about) and then talk about and write down how much they like/dislike it and why. Proceed on to the next location instructing everyone to do the same thing for each stop. At the last location, ask them to either choose their top pick for hot chocolate or decide together on a team “winner!”

edit-37(All pictures courtesy of The Copper Lens & Co.)


I hope you enjoy these options but if you have another way of celebrating Christmas with your kids for free or cheap, let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to be present with the incredible gift of our family and friends this Christmas season.