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Jessica Huffman

Wife, mother, sister, friend, servant and living each day in the immeasurable grace of God. Helping others create a life containing all things beautiful, all in one place, through intentional purpose. Wanting to live life brilliantly, beautifully, and on purpose!

Living Unoffendable

You probably read my earlier image/post and were like “Whatever, Jess…almost impossible.” Breath; you’re not alone in this journey of living wholehearted (Thanks Brene Brown for making that word so radically awesome) and free. It’s hard and it takes serious amounts of work, however, if we can focus our energy towards becoming unoffendable vs. getting […]

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Meant To Be!

“I believe in Christ like I believe in the sun, not because I can see it, but by it I can see everyone else.” -C.S. Lewis   I’ve always known who God was. I wish I remembered the first time He was introduced to me, the very moment that someone told me that somewhere in […]

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The Sweetest Blessing of Serving!

This past Sunday, I preached on my most favorite subject: serving! (You can watch it HERE!) With so many perspectives and angles to communicate this life-altering way of living, I landed on our greatest example of Jesus Christ Himself. He became our WHY, our mission. He showed us the HOW, our strategy. And that left […]

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